nike Air Max Day

Nike invited Katya to participate in a campaign for the 30th anniversary of Air Max Day. Katya made an installation and concept art of a sculpture that represented her vision of the FUTURE, SPORT, and AIR.

Katya created a unique neon installation for this event. We hung various neon tubes in the air in a special way, so that when you look at them from the left side, you can read the word "FUTURE", from the left — the word "AIR". From any other side, the installation looked like neon tubes randomly placed in the air.

The idea of sculpture was to create people from the future and to place them on the ceiling of a Moscow metro station named Komsomolskaya.
Katya wanted to make everyone feel like they're beneath the feet of the Future. To feel that the Future is in the Air, and we are the Future.

This illustration was presented on Air Max Day during the opening of a new Nike Flagman store, which is supposed to be the biggest Nike store in Europe. The final illustration will be 1x2m.