Together with the Bang! Bang! illustration agency Katya made these illustrations of a Superposition Agency. They represent an image of modern families.


VOGUE Russia

Together with the Bang! Bang! illustration agency Katya made these sketches of an Abrikosov mansion. They illustrate a special project about the story of this building.

These illustrations were published on a Vogue Russia website.



These characters were created for a special project on a web platform by Esquire Russia. It’s a test about the money strategy of a modern person. They represent four different Russian banks.



Together with the Cosmopola agency and two talented artists Viktor Miller-Gausa and Alena Lavdovskaya Katya took part in a campaign Creativity for all. She made these two winter illustrations that represent Russian culture and atmosphere.

The main goal was to show Russian spirit but move away from standard boring images, which are always associated with Russia. Here Russia is tight braids, which mothers braid in childhood, it’s black roosters that can be found in a babushka’s village house or colorful birds who look out at your window in winter.

With talented video artist Kira Shelehov we made three videos to show the process of creating these illustrations.

Illustrations represent an experience of painting in Adobe Photoshop and were placed on an official Adobe website and other media resources by Adobe