Katya is a Berlin-based illustrator and graphic artist. With more than 6 years of professional experience in digital illustrations, she now turns her focus to traditional materials. She loves to experiment with charcoal, pencils, and other dry materials.

Katya started her career as a commercial illustrator in 2016. Before that, she was a senior window display designer and art object artist. She drew for Adobe, Nike, LVMH, L’Officiel, YSL Beauty, Vogue, GQ, Esquire, and other outstanding companies and individuals.


︎ katerinamurysina@gmail.com


2021 - SPRINTS x TEDx Artist for Climate.
2020 - artist in Adobe Photoshop “Creativity for all” campaign.
2018 - Speaker at “Ethic in visual culture” festival by Bang Bang Education.
2017 - Nike Air Max Day, “Revolution Air”, artist and expert.
2017 - Speaker at Design Prosmotr festival.

“Мурочка”is a Telegram channel with her thoughts about art (rus).

As a person who creates I condemn any type of destruction: the destruction of lives, destruction of cities and countries. I’m strictly against any wars and murders. I’m strictly against the horrifying war which the Russian government started against Ukraine by killing Ukrainian people and destroying their cities. I’m also against the war which the Russian government wages against it's people by destroying their future, lives and country.