Katya Murysina is an artist and illustrator who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Her primary mediums are oils, charcoal, and pencils. With it, she creates a foggy world based on memories of events that never occurred.

Born in 1990 in Leningrad USSR (now Saint Petersburg, Russia) in a country and city that no longer exists she perceives the world from the perspective of a person with no roots but with memories. These memories intertwine with reality, giving rise to a new space where her works exist. These spaces are as real as our past. These spaces are not real in the same way our memories about the past are distorted.

Katya was born into an ordinary family where she always was told that being an artist is not a real job, so she studied Design and Animation. After that, she began to work as a senior designer in a big luxury department store in Saint Petersburg, creating window displays, art objects, installations, designs, and illustrations. After that, through the years of being a commercial illustrator, she finally came to the artistic practice with the understanding, that art is not a job, is a life she cannot but live.