seamless patterns

During 2019-2021 Katya creates different collections of complicated seamless patterns, used for textiles, wallpapers and other products. She creates a large collection of seamless patterns exclusively for the Russian leading design studio Art. Lebedev.

“Monkeys and Peaches” pattern is inspired by the Chinese legend about monkey king Sun Wukong who guarded the Heavenly Peach Garden but ended up eating the Peaches of Immortality himself and running away.

It was created for Art.Lebedev studio, you can buy it here.

“Magical forest”. If you enter a deep forest, pull out of a pocket a phone and make a photo, forgetting to turn off the flash, everyone will be very surprised, both forest inhabitants and you.

“Another side” pattern shows the delicate spring flowers from a different angle, as if you are lying on a meadow and see them from below. The stems, leaves and green cups become the center of attention. And on them are bugs, ants, snails and caterpillars which usually remain unseen. An unusual look at the usual beauty.

It was created for the Art. Lebedev studio, you can buy it here.

The mesmerizing pattern “Faces” is inspired by ancient sculptures that embody ideal features and proportions and face recognition technologies that are commonly used today.

It was created for the Art. Lebedev studio, you can buy it here.

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