Vologda Ethnographic Expedition

In September 2016 Katya participated in an ethnographic expedition. Such expeditions are arranged twice a year by the leading Russian designer, blogger and traveller Artemy Lebedev.

This time a team of 5 people travelled across the Vologodskaya oblast (Russia) for almost 3 weeks. Katya participated as an illustrator. Apart from Artemy and Katya, there also were a Vologda region specialist, a cameraman and a songwriter.

The task was to draw and publish one illustration every day. It was implied that each one should depict events and places of each particular day. The toughest part was that they would spent the whole day either driving in a car, or sightseeing, so there was almost no time to create illustrations. So Katya would give up her rest time and draw at night, or during her meals, or sometimes even in the car. Thereby during the expedition she made more than 20 illustrations.

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